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Pioneering green synthesis of APIs.

An ancient Chinese proverb says: Stones on other mountains may be harder and can be used to carve jades of this mountain. But there is no existing experience for reference in API innovation. BENLI adheres to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, has pioneered the green synthesis of quinolones APIs, reduced pollution emissions by at least 80%, and realized the recycling of by-products within the Company and among upstream and downstream enterprises. This technology won the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Zhejiang Province in 2016.


Scientific and Technological innovation in green environmental protection.

Strong scientific research capacity makes the enterprise strong. The Company has focused on chemical intermediates for more than ten years, accumulated more patented and non-patented technologies, and built a mature and efficient R&D and achievement transformation system, forming a strong ability of continuous R&D and innovation.


The Company is committed to focusing on the research of green process routes of quinolone APIs and key intermediates, through independent R&D and innovation, and has created technical platforms such as carbon monoxide carbonylation reaction, carbon tetrachloride Friedel-Crafts reaction and green synthesis of quinolone APIs, realized the industrialization of key intermediates such as Products 801 and 1201, and unified the production processes of some quinolone APIs on one large platform through the above key intermediates, which effectively solved the industrial problems such as large consumption of toxic and harmful raw materials, large amount of three wastes and high production cost, and created conditions for large-scale, cyclic, continuous and automatic production of quinolone APIs and key intermediates.

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Only by adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation can we continuously gain new growth momentum in the future. BENLI will focus on building the Company's R&D Center with an open vision. The R&D Center covers an area of 1,000 square meters and is equipped with advanced R&D, analysis and testing equipment. Meanwhile, it has introduced and trained high-quality professionals. Now it has set up a research team consisting of 2 doctors, 2 senior engineers and more than 20 core technology R&D personnel.

In 2018, BENLI went further and strategically entered Hangzhou. It established a scientific research center in Hangzhou. Relying on Hangzhou's talent advantages, it introduced high-tech talents, quality management talents and operation talents, to focus on the green pharmaceutical field.

Technological innovation

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