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Talent Concept

Every employee who is competent for his job is a talent of BENLI. As a platform for employees to survive, develop and realize their value, BENLI strives to create good growth conditions for each employee, provide a broad stage for each employee who is determined to become a talent, and provide a broad space for realizing his own value, so that each employee can exert his maximum potential, work creatively and become a pillar of the enterprise, and finally realize the common development of employees and the enterprise. Managers at all levels are the first responsible persons to implement the Company's talent concept.

Selecting Talents

Both morality and ability are necessary to talents, but morality must to be put first. Only like-minded people can travel far together. Academic qualification should be paid attention to, but it shouldn’t be the only thing to focus on. We should pay more attention to achievements and practical ability. A person with morality and talent should be exceptionally put in an important position; A person with morality and but no talent should be used after training; A person with no morality and no talent shall never be employed.

Cultivating Talents

Cultivating talents is an important responsibility of every manager of BENLI. Leaders who don't know how to cultivate talents or can't cultivate talents are not competent leaders. Middle and senior managers should have the heart of loving talents, the wisdom of knowing talents, the tolerance of accommodating talents, the way of cultivating talents and the art of using talents, pay attention to the improvement of employees' ability and quality, and energize employees in time, so that employees can grow and gain self-confidence.

Using Talents

No doubt about employing people and making the best use of their talents. In horse racing, you will be able to fully display your talents through effective authorization, and you must get on the horse for another ride. Allow trial and error, don't ask for full blame, encourage and encourage more. Let everyone display their talents, and constantly improve the talent evaluation, use, and incentive mechanisms, so that everyone can get what they want and show their talents.

Keep talent

Provide employees with competitive remuneration, imaginative development space, and a cohesive team atmosphere. Let every employee be proud of working in Benli, and make Benli family a home for employees to rely on.

Showing Talents

Benli creates multiple channels for career development for employees, encourages multiple abilities in one specialization, multiple abilities in one post, and fully taps the potential of employees. Our talents are a handful of living water, encourage internal mobility, encourage employees to find positions that can better demonstrate their talents through internal selection and employment, and create multiple channels for their career development.

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